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Parenting Support

Are you unsure about your parenting skills?  Do you want to be the best parent you can be in these challenging times?  Do you wish you had the knowledge to be a confident, empowered parent?  Is your relationship with your child the most important thing to you?

Parenting can be challenging, and oftentimes frustrating, but has rich rewards.  Many parents are unsure about their skills and whether or not they are doing what is best for their children.

I work closely with parents, while their child receives counseling, in order to address the issues from all sides.  I also work individually with parents, if desired, to strengthen their parenting and communication skills.  Ask me if Child Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT) may be a good fit for you.

"There will never be enough rewards or consequences to get tough kids to want to behave and learn if we are not first developing relationships." ​​
--Charles Fay​​

I am available for video sessions at this time.
Most insurance companies are allowing and reimbursing for internet therapy during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Wendy Romero, MSW,LCSW,RPT​​
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Registered Play Therapist
wromerolcsw {at} gmail {dot} com

counseling, child counseling &

play therapy for adults, children & families

Wendy Romero, counselor, child counselor, play therapist, counseling for children, play therapy

​​795 Merrimon Avenue, Suite #1
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All are welcome here.